Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Fight Gum Disease

Did you know that gum disease affects almost 40 million Americans every year?
What starts as gingivitis (slightly swollen gums) develops into a serious periodontal problem that causes considerable bone and tissue loss within a person’s jaw. Dental experts agree that unhealthy eating habits containing soft, over-processed foods contribute to this problem heavily. Medical treatments can include tooth extraction, root planning, and laser therapy. Alternatively, you can also use home remedies to fight this gum disease on your own.
Eight Rules to Live By
Massage your Gums
Dedicate at least five minutes, once a week, to gently massaging your gums. Rubbing your gums stimulates circulation which quickens the process of healing and flushing out bacteria.
Mouth Care
Experts suggest brushing your teeth after every meal with a plaque fighting toothpaste. Apart from this, flossing before brushing and using an anti-bacterial mouthwash helps battle gum disease.
Use Supplements
You should supplement your diet with minerals and vitamins that stimulate healthy gum growth. Some of the vitamins that doctors recommend include vitamin C, B-complex, zinc and magnesium. You can also get additional Vitamin C by substituting sodas with fresh orange juice.
Use Medicinal Plants
Medicinal plants have powerful healing properties. By massaging your gums with these natural resources you boost circulation, in turn speeding the healing process.
Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your brushing routine. Tea tree oil works as an antibiotic and antiseptic that reduces infections. You can also apply pure aloe vera gel to your gums at night to enhance your nocturnal healing process.
Most dentists recommend electric toothbrushes over manual brushes for your teeth. Electronic brushes are better at removing plaque and tartar buildup. However, if you insist on using a regular brush, make sure you replace it every 3 months.
Dental Cleaning
Home care plays an important role in combating periodontal disease, but you may also need professional help from time to time. It is important to get your teeth cleaned professionally every 6 to 12 months or as suggested by your dentist.
Some dentists recommend using topical or oral medication to fight periodontal disease. While gels are rubbed on gum pockets after cleaning, rinses are used like mouthwashes. Topical rinses and gels are extremely popular because of their ability to resist bacteria.
Salt and Soda
Use a mixture of baking soda and salt as a natural substitute to your regular paste. Soda offers gentle abrasion that helps remove plaque on the gum line, and salt helps tone the tissues.
We only get two sets of natural teeth. While losing the first can earn us money from the tooth fairy, losing the second set will only mean trouble. You might not notice the starting signs of periodontal disease (redness, bad breath, receding gums and swelling) but it’s important to stay cautious. Before the disease results in permanent bone or tooth loss, treat your gums to the home remedies and cures mentioned above. Also, make sure you visit your dentist for regular checkups so that your oral problems can be treated from their onset.

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