Tuesday, 15 July 2014

5 habits that cause plaque

Plaque is a layer of dead and living bacteria that forms a sticky coating on your tooth. This dreaded enemy of the mouth is not only a nuisance, it can also lead to several oral problems. According to experts, excess plaque left on gum and teeth is directly linked to heart disease and diabetes. There are several bad habits that are responsible for such buildup.
Bad Habit 1: Improper brushing:
Brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride-containing toothpaste is the biggest deterrence to plaque. Using a specific technique isn’t important but making sure you brush all your teeth properly is essential. Remember, plaque is a lot like bees, a few might not hurt you but if they build a beehive in your front porch, you’ll have problems.   
If you find brushing difficult, consume a lot of crunchy fruits and vegetables. Apples, carrots, cucumbers, and several other raw veggies and fruits can scrub off plaque and help you keep your teeth healthy.
Bad Habit 2: Not flossing:
Your brush has its limitations especially when it comes to reaching the tiny gaps between your teeth. Flossing in-between your projections assists in clearing away plaque before the biofilm can do further damage. Flossing also helps to clean plaque at your gum line, in turn reducing the risk of gum disease.
In case flossing is difficult, you can also use other ADA-approved products for cleaning purposes. Most drug stores and supermarkets sell these products.
Bad Habit 3: Avoiding Mouth rinses:
Mouth rinses have tremendous effect on our oral health. They have been shown to stop decay. Antibacterial rinses also attack bad breath and reduce plaque. Using them along with flossing and brushing can turn out to be a good decision.
Bad Habit 4: Not going to the Dentist:
Even if you follow a strict cleaning routine, eliminating plaque entirely is impossible. Over a period of time this plaque hardens and becomes tartar that has to be removed at the dentist’s office. Unfortunately, a big percentage of Americans avoid going to their dental experts for regular cleaning. Studies show that those who neglect dental visits end up getting more cavities and have a greater chance of losing their teeth.
Getting your teeth professionally cleaned two times a year is the norm set by dental experts.
Bad Habit 5: Sweet Tooth:
Simple carbohydrates such as sugar are one of the things bacteria dwells upon. Drinking sugary drinks and eating candy makes this compound stick to your teeth, feeding the bacteria in your mouth. As this bacteria starts to create plaque, they condense sugar into acid, in turn damaging the teeth. By cutting back on excessively sugary items, you are sure to keep a healthy smile for a very long time.
By avoiding these five bad habits and following your dentist’s advice you can keep plaque buildup in check. Apart from this, another thing you may want to talk about with your dental expert is sealants. The fissures and pits on your molars can be extremely difficult to clear, even with proper dental cleaning. Plastic coatings such as sealants that cover the teeth surface can prevent acid and bacteria from entering, in turn preventing tooth decay.

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