Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sports Safety - Avoid Teeth & Mouth Injuries

Injuries are part of the game, but sometimes we can avoid them by just practicing our techniques. - Troy Vincent

Sports injuries are believed to be the main cause of mouth and tooth damages among adults and older adolescents. In fact, up to forty percent of dental injuries in older children and adults happen while playing sports. Although there is no means to stop injuries completely, athletes can always take steps to lessen the chances of occurrence.
Acting with caution when playing sports, taking preventative measures and learning proper game techniques will reduce the likelihood of a teeth and mouth related injury greatly.
Tips to Prevent Oral Injuries
Wear Protective Gear
Use mouth guards: The best way to protect your front teeth when playing a sport is by wearing good quality mouth guards.
Face cages: This equipment guards against trauma to the face, particularly when playing in some of the sports positions like, hockey goalie or baseball catcher.
Helmets: It's always a wise idea to wear a strong helmet made for the specific activity that the athlete is participating in. Even though most helmets won't protect the mouth and teeth, they will secure another important area –the athlete’s head, to help protect against any brain concussion.
Learn the Game Well
Knowing the rules reduces the risk of sports injuries for everyone involved. It is a good idea to consult an expert, like a coach, on proper movement and form. The coach can help you understand how to move your body to prevent any kind of injury.

Never Play if Injured
Never play if you’re already injured. Playing before the injury has healed can increase healing time or may lead to more damage.
Visit your Dentist Regularly
If you’re an athlete, it is a good practice to visit your dentist for regular checkups. The expert will examine your mouth to see if there are any loose teeth or gum problems that need treatment. This saves your loose tooth from knocking out during play time.  
Timely visits to the dentist will ensure your teeth and mouth remain in good shape, at all times.
Tips to Save your Oral Injury from Aggravating
  • The RICE rule is the best method to treat oral injuries. This means you should rest for a couple of days, ice the injured area for reducing pain, protect the area and prevent swelling.
  • See a dentist if your injury does not heal in a couple of weeks. The expert may take out X-rays to determine whether it’s a fracture. Treatment may be required if the injury is serious.
  • Do not give any pain killer to kids under 16 without asking a qualified doctor. Some painkillers can have adverse effects on oral injuries.
  • To save your knocked out tooth, make sure you get to your dentist immediately. Teeth that are fixed back to the socket within an hour of being knocked out have the highest chances of being saved.
Caution is always the best when it comes to sports injuries. However, even if you undergo mouth or tooth damage, you haven’t necessarily lost everything. There are several great clinics in California that offer advanced dentistry procedures to restore your smile and replenish your gums.

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