Friday, 11 April 2014

The Advancements in Implant dentistry

Do you have a missing tooth that’s bothering you? The good news is, advancements in dental science has led to the development of the most efficient and stable prosthetic options. One of such alternatives is dental implants. 

Dental implants have really evolved in the past few decades. Although they are one of the most remarkable achievements of dental technology, they might not be suitable for everyone, as even the most innovative treatments can be invasive or limiting. Some may not like the idea of waiting nearly a year to have the tooth replaced. Nor is this treatment for the faint hearted -- patients who are scared of dental procedures may not be open to having an implant surgery.

Improvement Over the Years!

New technology has enhanced the implant procedure, and has made it very easy and comfortable! Patients do not have to wait to get their missing tooth replaced. The implant, post and crown can easily be set in only one visit. With the help of immediate dental implants, you no longer have to wear a fake cap or live with a gap in your teeth while waiting for the implant to heal.
Modern Implants: The process of treatment:
Dentists use 3-D imaging to prepare for the surgery. They plan for same-day treatment with the help of a virtual mock-up of the patient’s mouth. This eliminates incising through the mouth to locate the bone and, consequentially, means lesser pain and quicker healing for the patient. During the initial stages of planning, patient’s prosthetic tooth is created in a lab, and is made ready on time for the dental surgery.
The advantage of using modern implants is that they can heal even after the crown has been attached. Patients can go on with their daily routine without any trouble.

Mini Implants

Mini-implants have become incredibly popular among patients. They are used mainly for dentures. Successions of mini-implants are placed in the gums, and the posts are utilized to secure the denture in place. These prosthetics require lesser healing time, and usually cost less than conventional dental implants. Moreover, with mini implants, patients can start using their replacement teeth immediately.
Also, with such fixtures, patients do not have to get their dentures replaced. Existing dentures can easily be fitted to the posts, helping them to come back home with complete set of teeth right after the surgery
If you have the patience and time, then conventional dental implants are the right option for you. But if you’re running short on time, get in touch with a good dentist to discuss your options. Being one of the most advanced treatments in modern dentistry, advanced dental implants can give you a sparkling smile that can last for a lifetime!

Call a Dental Expert

Modern implant procedures are complicated and require a lot of expertise. Not all dentists in California offer this treatment. Hence, to look for someone who has the experience and required equipment, you can search through the World Wide Web. It is important to compare prices, dentist’s experience and skill, as well as factors such as accessibility of the clinic before narrowing down to one.

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