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Responsibilities of a Family Dentist

Family dentists perform a range of tasks on a regular basis. Tooth extractions, pediatric care, tending to oral tissues, offering preventive and corrective care are some of their duties. They are trained to offer complete dental care for the whole family.
Here are some of the many responsibilities of a family dentist:

Understanding the Patient’s Needs

Because they understand that each family member is unique, they take the time to listen and talk to their patients which allows them to address their oral health problems while also being able to understand their cosmetic needs.

General Patient Care

Family dentists diagnose and treat issues involving gums, mouth, and teeth. They also offer advice related to brushing and diet to prevent any future problems. Apart from this, they fill cavities, examine X-rays, straighten teeth, perform root canals, extract teeth, and write prescriptions for pain relievers and antibiotics.

Preventive Health

The main duty of a family dentist is to educate the patient on problems regarding preventive maintenance of the teeth, mouth, and gums. This includes informing them of the best way to floss and brush as well as advise them on their dietary choices.

Cosmetic Corrections

A lot of times, patients visit family dentists for getting cosmetic procedures done. A family dentist is trained to perform treatments such as, repairing chipped or fractured teeth, teeth whitening and replacing or straightening teeth. However, for more complicated processes, such as installation of braces, the dentists may refer patients to experts such as orthodontists.

Use of Equipment

Family dentists have to know how to operate special equipment to execute their tasks. For example, x-ray machines are utilized to examine the facial bones, lasers are utilized for teeth whitening, drills are used for administering fillings. Apart from knowing how to handle each piece of equipment, the dentist should also be knowledgeable of the laws that govern the use of such machines.

Administrative Duties

Several dentists have private practices, which may necessitate them to undertake certain administrative duties. For instance, they have to supervise and hire other staff members, such as receptionists and hygienists. They have to maintain and order supplies and equipment, and oversee the billing and bookkeeping procedures and ensure records are kept accurately and the scheduling is done as desired.


Some patients require medications to relieve pain and treat oral infections after a medical process. The family dentist decides what medicine is best for the patient given their medical history and diagnosis and prescribes the drug for the patient.

Qualifications & Training

Family dentists have to undergo vigorous training and education to qualify. Aspiring dentists are obligated to obtain a bachelor's degree and take the DAT or Dental Admissions Test. Once dental school completes, the dental experts must become licensed by passing their state's practical and written exam.
Family dentists are a big part of everyone’s lives. They provide treatment for gums and teeth, diagnose problems of the mouth and perform precautionary care to make sure healthy oral hygiene is maintained. Good oral hygiene prevents periodontal disease and tooth decay. Families normally visit these dentists two times a year for regular cleanings and also when they suffer from tooth problems and gum disease.
There are several dental clinics in California that cater to families. The best way to find out about them is to search for them online. Most dentists have websites that display their services, testimonials and contact information. You can go in for a consultation before narrowing down to one clinic. Another great way to find out about such dentists is through word of mouth. Ask your friends and family for references.    

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