Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Making Dental Implants More Affordable

For most people finding affordable options to pay for their implants is the only way they can afford such treatment which is otherwise beyond their budget. There are several ways through which this treatment can get a lot less expensive for people.

What are dental implants?

Made out of Titanium, dental implants are used for replacing missing or damaged teeth. The most common form of implant is a root implant or 'endostal' that mimics the profile of a natural root and is apt for those with a healthy jaw bone where the prosthetic can be fixed. Placing the implant requires surgical intervention. The dentist has to drill into the jaw bone and the patient has to wait a couple of days for the area to heal. With time the implant is expected to fix properly to the jaw. Once in place, this prosthetic can be utilized to replace a tooth or to support a dental bridge.


Depending on factors such as, where one resides, the extent of the problem, an implant will cost somewhere between three thousand dollars to five thousand dollars, while dental implants to replace partial or whole set of teeth will cost about twenty thousand dollars to forty five thousand dollars.
Since the process necessitates surgical treatment as well as dental care it is a little expensive, however by using one of the methods mentioned below, one can make the overall cost a lot more affordable.

Making Implants Affordable:

Using Dental Insurance

A basic dental insurance policy normally covers minor treatments such as, check-ups, x-rays, root canals, fillings, and the like. However, they rarely extend to cover treatments such as implants as these are normally considered to be cosmetic procedures.
However, some of the companies have begun to offer insurance that covers processes related to aesthetic dentistry for an annual/ monthly premium. Few of the things to consider when opting for implant insurance:
1. The kind of treatments covered
2. Waiting period: this is the time from the starting of the policy till one can make the first claim.
Both these factors vary from company to company so it is certainly worth checking properly before the policy can be taken out.

Payment Plans

Several dentists who take up implant cases also offer easy payment plans. This helps the cost to be stretched out over duration of time. In case a dentist does not offer such plans, one can always ask whether they are available or if they can be arranged.
Apart from this, one can also inquire about less expensive implants and their success rate. Most dental experts make use of implants by Swedish manufacturers because they offer the best success rate (approx ninety percent). Coupled with dental plans that charge just $10 to $12 (approx) in monthly payments, the patient will be able to save a good amount of money.
As the treatment cost is so high most patients feel that finding affordable dental implants is next to impossible. However, by making use of one of the two methods mentioned above, while not decreasing the total price will certainly make it a lot more affordable for most people and less of a burden on the pocket.  But, it’s very important to get the procedure done from a reputed dental clinic. Getting implants is a sensitive treatment and any carelessness can lead to infections. There are several reputed clinics in San Jose that offer teams of professional and highly skilled dentists and surgeons to perform such treatments.  These clinics are also competitively priced so that patients are able to afford treatment.

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