Thursday, 12 September 2013

Are Braces Advisable for Adults?

Gone are the days when braces were only for children and teenagers. In the present times, adults make up almost fifty percent of orthodontic patients with the intention of getting that perfect smile. There have been considerable advancements in the past two decades in the field of cosmetic dentistry with the development of cosmetically friendly and lightweight options for adults.

A great smile can make quite a difference in the personal and professional life of an individual. In fact, the payoff is worth the momentary nuisance and expense of braces.

Is orthodontic treatment different for adults?

Just like children, adults can also receive the benefit of braces. However, because adults are no longer growing, treatment takes longer than usual. Typically, grownups need to wear braces for eighteen months to two years. Once the braces are removed, they may require wearing retainers to maintain treatment results.

How can an adult find out if he/she needs braces?

Ones interested in getting their teeth straightened should consult their dentists and ask for proper evaluations. Depending on individual cases, dentists will analyze the patient’s mouth structure and then suggest a treatment. Here are some questions that patients must ask their dentist:

Ø  What is the cost involved?

Ø  How long do patients need to wear braces?

Ø  How do braces correct an alignment problem?

Ø  Does the dentist have any experience?

Ø  Can appointments be scheduled at convenient times? It is a good idea to obtain references from former or current patients.

Ø  What are the various benefits of using braces?

Healthy Smile:

A lot of adults are also asked to get their bite corrected for health reasons. With problems such as, cross bite, misaligned teeth, there is a chance of food buildup, plaque buildup, in between the projection. Improper bite can also make it hard for the patent to chew food, which may lead to gastrointestinal problems.

Traditional metal braces

If someone has crooked teeth or bite problem, metal braces are more effective in moving the teeth than cosmetically friendly braces. Clear braces also work fine but there are certain drawbacks. The adhesive that sticks the brackets in place may stain due to smoking and dark drinks, and may cost a lot more than metal braces.

Braces Vs Invisalign

Another alternative is Invisalign. Patients are made to wear several removable orthodontic aligners that dentists adjust as the patient’s teeth shift from one place to another without wires or metal. A series of customized aligners are worn for duration of fifteen days. Every aligner shifts the teeth into place progressively. The total treatment time is a few months to about two years. While most dentists say Invisalign can be an excellent alternative to conventional braces, there are restrictions.


If a patient does not have time for a conventional orthodontic treatment and needs instant results, then porcelain veneer is the right option. Porcelain veneers are essentially wafer-thin shells bonded to the teeth to enhance their cosmetic look.

With veneers a doctor can typically fix the shape, the position, the appearance, and the color of the tooth, all in one swoop. However, in case the patient has virgin, beautiful, healthy teeth that are just crooked, then braces are a better option.

How much do braces cost?

The cost mainly depends on the kind of braces advised by the dentist. In an average, braces tend to cost from $5,000 to $6,000. The price depends upon the condition of the patient’s teeth, and the city where the treatment will take place.

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