Monday, 26 August 2013

What are Some Teeth Straightening Options for Adults?

Perfect set of teeth don’t just improve our physical beauty but also offer better health. Irregularities in the tooth structure can lead to interference while talking or eating. Moreover, it becomes extremely difficult to clean crooked teeth which might lead to germ and plaque build-up. There are a variety of teeth straightening methods that are used to significantly enhance the physical beauty of an individual. Here are a few successful options for adults:


There are different kinds of braces that dentists use to correct imperfections. These include, metal and lingual braces. Lingual braces are set on the insides of the teeth making them difficult to detect. Metal braces, on the other hand, are utilized on the lower and upper teeth. These brackets are corded together with the help of wires and fixed at the front.

Teeth Straightening Surgery

This method can be used on children and adults alike. It is used to cure jawbone discrepancies and is performed under general anesthesia. Treatment begins with a surgical intervention. Later, braces are utilized to hold the teeth at the right place during the process of healing. It takes eighteen to twenty-four months for a complete course of therapy using orthodontic braces. The timeline for treatment differs from patient to patient. It is best to consult a qualified dental expert to evaluate what requires being executed.

Clear Aligners

Clear straightening tools comprise of moldings for teeth. These moldings work best for individuals who require help in getting their teeth aligned. The mold slowly shoves the teeth together and seal slight gaps or properly space out teeth that are crowded. This method does not work for badly misaligned or ingrown teeth. Patients need to consult their doctors to know if they are the right candidates for such a technique.


Invasalign aligners for adults are almost undetectable. They are very similar to whitening trays and have to be worn throughout the day except while eating. They make it very easy for the user to floss or brush. And because they are made up of smooth plastic, they do not irritate the mouth at all. They are also easy to clean.


Veneers are used to rectify minor dental flaws and do not involve braces. These shells are made out of composite or porcelain and are usually fitted on uneven or curved teeth. They are also useful in covering any kind of discoloration and are reasonable and durable. One can choose the color of the veneer to match the color of the teeth, making them less visible.

Cosmetic Contouring

People who suffer from crowded, overlapped or unevenly spaced teeth can opt for cosmetic contouring. The process finishes quickly and is performed under general anesthesia. It entails removing slight quantity of the tooth structure to attain a pleasing appearance. Cracked or chipped sections are evened out and edges are shaped to change the way in which the patient’s smile appears. Teeth alignment with the help of cosmetic contouring can certainly make the smile look more attractive and appealing.

Misaligned, crooked, or spaced teeth create a negative impact on the appearance and health of an individual. It also affects the person’s confidence dramatically. In such situations, straightening the skewed or crooked projections is the best way available. With the development in dental technology, dentists can now choose from a variety of ways to provide that much needed make over. California, in particular, is known to offer the best cosmetic dentistry makeovers as the clinics boast of state of the art equipment and dental technology. The professionals are also well qualified here and undergo regular training.

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