Thursday, 23 March 2017

Tooth Discoloration : Foods that Stain Teeth

There are many foods that can end up staining your teeth and making them look several tones darker. Here are some of such foods and drinks:


While tea can be healthy, it may end up staining your pearly whites. According to experts, the brew, particularly the black variety, can cause a lot more stains in comparison to coffee. White and herbal teas can wear off the outer tooth covering, known as enamel, creating stains.


While sauces are tasty, but the ones that are deeply colored such as, tomato, soy, and curry may cause stains. It is best to consume creamy or light-colored sauces, and rinse or brush soon after consuming.

Sports drinks

Drinks and foods that are acidic can also end up affecting your teeth. Energy or sports drinks can corrode enamel, making the teeth to stain. Drinking a lot of water during workouts is a far better choice.

White teeth and wine

Imagine if a drink can stain your tablecloth, how likely it is to stain your teeth. According to dentists, red wine, which is an acidic drink with a rich, dark color, can discolor teeth. However, white wine, with even more acid, can also do the same.

Berries and fruits

Blackberries, blueberries, pomegranates, cherries, and other fruits can also end up staining the teeth. So can pies and juices made out of berries. Fruits such as, white cranberries, white grapes are less probable to cause staining. However, they do have acid that may weaken or soften your enamel.

Cola, soda, and carbonated drinks

These drinks comprise of dyes and acids -- even the ones that are light colored can cause serious stains. Moreover, the chemicals that create the flavor can eat away the enamel.

Sweets and candy

If a sweet such as, chewing gum, hard candy, or even a Popsicle can make your tongue change its color, it can most certainly cause a stain on your teeth. Fortunately, if you only indulge in such goodies once in a while, they will do you no harm.

Lessening the stains:

1. Cut back:

While it’s not a very good idea to cut back on all teeth-staining drinks and foods, such as, blueberries, blackberries, and tomato (full of antioxidants), keep consuming them, but lighten up or choose other sources, such as apples, cauliflower, melon and grapefruit.

2. Make use of a straw

Make sure you sip drinks such as juices, sodas, and iced tea from a straw. This will help in keeping the liquid from not reaching your teeth.

3. Drink swiftly

Do not let drinks that have the potential to cause stains to linger inside your mouth. Make sure you drink them quickly.

4. Rinse or brush after eating

Make sure to swish the mouth with water after you drink or eat something that may cause a stain. Wait for an hour before brushing after consuming something acidic, any time sooner and you will end up hurting the tooth’s enamel.

Good oral and dental care is important if you want to maintain a bright, beautiful smile. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly to keep the mouth cavity free.

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