Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Top Reasons for Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth (or teeth) does not mean just an embarrassing gap when you smile. It has more serious implications. Your ability to chew is affected and this limits what you can eat. Poor nutrition can affect your overall health. Your face could sag and over time, you speech become impaired. There is no need to place your teeth at risk when a few simple precautions can prevent their loss.

1. Bad oral hygiene results in acid producing bacteria to form layers of plaque on your teeth. This eats away at the enamel and causes cavities. In addition it increases the risk of periodontal disease and bad breath. Ask your dentist for an oral hygiene regiment that will protect your teeth.

2. The early signs of future tooth loss are often difficult to detect or notice. Regular 6 monthly visits to your dentist for checkups will enable incipient problems to be found and treated early, before your teeth are lost.

3. A tooth cavity is not just unsightly. Over time the inner pulp of the tooth can become infected resulting in pus formation and the death of tissue. If not treated in time and a filling put in place, the tooth will be lost.

4. You know what smoking does to your body, but do you know that research shows that smokers are twice as likely to lose teeth as non-smokers?  Smoking increases the risk of gum diseases which leads to tooth loss. It also can affect the flow of blood to your gums, weakening them and making them more prone to disease.

5. Teeth that are not correctly aligned (malocclusions) can cause tooth loss. Improperly aligned teeth cannot be effectively cleaned so there is more chance of tartar developing and this can lead to a variety of tooth and gum problems. In addition, the pressure and wear on other teeth increases, affecting their life.

6. A trauma to the mouth may not result in an immediate tooth loss. But a root fracture that goes unnoticed at the time can cause infection and weakness of the tooth later on which will lead to tooth loss.

7. What you eat affects your teeth. A diet that does not contain enough calcium and other nutrients that the teeth need to stay healthy will result in their loss.

8. Not replacing a lost tooth, even if it is at the back and not visible, can cause problems to the adjoining teeth. The adjacent teeth can become displaced because of the lack of support and this leads weakness and loss of tooth.

Tooth Loss Is Not Inevitable

Yes, teeth and gums do weaken with age and as you get older, the chances of losing some or even all of your teeth increase. However, it is not inevitable. With proper care your teeth can last your lifetime. Regular visits to your dentist play an important role in this. Even those who do go for regular dental checkups tend to ignore problems that arise when a visit to the dentist is not due. This is how small issues become major ones and lead to tooth loss. When in doubt, consult your dentist. It’s the best way to keep a happy smile on your face.

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