Friday, 27 March 2015

Whiten your teeth and brighten your smile

A brilliant smile is a great first impression. It’s no wonder that people try various procedures to brighten their smile. New whitening toothpastes are invented regularly, each one, promising more shine than the previous. Toothbrushes are designed using the latest technology to give your teeth the best protection and a fine gleam. There are ways to make your lips look plumper and softer. The number of ways which people use to make their smile perfect is countless.

One of the first things that people notice when someone smiles is their teeth. If you have dirty, yellowed teeth, that impression will not be a good one. Luckily, dentistry has come a long way and there are various ways to make sure that your teeth look shiny, white and new all the time. 

According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, virtually all adults (99.7%) believe a smile is an important social asset. 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex. Three-quarters (74%) of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chance for career success.

What are the causes of tooth discoloration?

Your teeth may get discolored due to various reasons. For some people, it is genetic. It runs in their families and however well they take care of their teeth, it gets discolored sooner or later. It is also more prevalent among certain ethnic groups. Some people are not aware that tooth care begins from infancy and don’t teach their kids dental care. This leads to discoloration of the tooth. If you have gum disease or other tooth problems, it could give rise to discolored teeth.

Smoking, eating food with a lot of food coloring, chewing tobacco and certain kinds of foods leave stains on your teeth. Even if you have taken care of your teeth from a young age, and do not have any vices, as you age, the color of your tooth will get darker. White teeth make you look younger and that is one of the reasons that as people age they try whitening their teeth to look more youthful.

Types of Teeth Whitening

The two most popular ways of whitening the teeth are the DIY way where you can get strips of whiteners or a gel and use it on your teeth, at home, as directed by the instructions on the product. This is actually often prescribed by dentists for younger people whose teeth are not stained too badly. Regular home whitening is enough to keep the teeth white.

But for older people, dentists recommend a consultation with a dentist for teeth whitening. This is a much more complicated and longer procedure but the result is worth it. 

Teeth Whitening by a dentist

Dentists will first apply a gel or paste to protect the tooth enamel from damage. Then, a tray where the whitening gel or liquid is poured is fixed to the teeth. The tray with the gel will be left for a while and when removed your teeth will be many shades whiter. It seems very simple but why this is better done at a dentist than at home is that the protection of the enamel is important. The tray that holds the whitening liquid should be fixed securely, because if the liquid leaks and spills onto your gums, it may cause irritation and inflammation. It is better to do this kind of whitening under dental supervision. 

The results of dental tooth whitening can last for a couple of years with good dental care. A regular visit to the dentist should be enough to keep an eye on the general health of your teeth and gums.

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