Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Seven Foods that help fight cavities

Whether you call them dental caries, tooth decay or cavities, they all refer to one thing –damage of tooth enamel. And if you’re not proactive, you may end up losing a tooth or suffering from nasty gum disease.
How do cavities actually start?
Cavities are a result of simple sugars sticking to the teeth for a duration of time and promoting the growth of damaging mouth bacteria that corrode tooth enamel. Unfortunately, cavities are not restricted to kids alone. Aging disposes adults to this problem due to receding gums. This puts older people at risk for plaque and consequentially they become prone to tooth decay. However, the good news is tooth decay can be prevented by following some simple rules:
  • Brush two times a day
  • Floss regularly
  • Get oral examinations and professional cleaning every six months.
  • Eat healthy foods and limit your sugar intake
Apart from this, here are some foods that should help you keep the dentist’s drill away:
Cheese: experts believe that eating cheese improves oral health by preventing loss of minerals. In addition, the protein found in cheese assists in countering the acids that lead to tooth degeneration. As less as five grams of cheese is enough in countering tooth problems.
Apples: apples act as natural cleansers for the mouth. They have the ability to generate saliva that cleans the teeth while the flavonoids restrict bacterial growth inside the mouth.
Cocoa: cocoa contains polyphenol, a unique nutrient that plays an important role in cavity prevention because of its capability to fight bacteria.  Polyphenol reduces the formulation of acid, which in turn helps the teeth remain healthy.
Peanuts: peanuts help decrease plaque build-up. They are the least cavity causing food items that a person can eat.
Cranberries: cranberries are rich in organic acids and flavonoids, known for their decay-preventing qualities. The flavonoids in blueberries and cranberries constrain bacteria from sticking to teeth surfaces, in turn helping them remain clean.
Yogurt: yogurt combined with fresh fiber-rich fruit acts like a natural toothbrush. It contains phosphorus and calcium, two minerals required to re-mineralize the teeth. A recent study has shown that adults who drink yogurt have less acidic pH levels which helps to keep cavities at bay.
Black tea: flavanols are abundant in black tea and have been shown to reduce the breeding of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Apart from this, tea leaves also contain fluoride, a mineral that sustains oral health by strengthening the mineral composition in the teeth.
Gum and tooth problems are less common today, in comparison to the yesteryears. But they still affect almost one out of ten Americans by the time they reach sixty. If you do not take care of your mouth by brushing, flossing and eating right, you are at a very high risk of developing gum disease. One of the best ways to find out how to take care of your mouth is to ask a qualified dentist. There are several good dental clinics in California that will help you handle your teeth by giving your personalized advice and treatment.

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