Friday, 27 December 2013

Maintaining good oral health during the holidays

It’s Christmas, a time to make sure you give yourself the most significant gift of all: a beautiful healthy smile! Maintaining proper oral hygiene is more important during the holidays, advise the experts. Holiday parties and get-togethers lead people to consume alcoholic beverages and sugary treats. Moreover, with their hectic schedules and soaring stress levels they forget the basic oral hygiene habits that can counter the effects of drinks and sugary snacks.
If all you want this Christmas is to keep your gums and teeth intact then these tips on how to save your smile should be helpful.


The high acid levels of red and white wine have a tendency towards eating away at the enamel of the tooth. Tooth enamel is important for protection against cavities and decay. To avoid such damage, it’s best to refrain from swishing the drink too much, and drinking water frequently to wash off the acid.

Sugary Treats

Bacteria thrive on sugars found in chocolate, candy canes, and cookies, increasing the odds of developing cavities. In case you can’t floss and brush after munching on sweets, try chewing a sugarless gum or drinking a glass of water. This will automatically boost the flow of saliva inside your mouth and will help in washing away bacteria.


Holiday stress can lead to grinding and clenching of teeth causing headaches, jaw pain, and chipping. Finding out ways to lessen your anxiety levels can help, but it is also important to visit your dentist regularly. A professional can offer solutions such as a customized night guard. Wearing a guard at night can prevent you from grinding your teeth while sleeping.


It’s best to keep away from smoking as much as you can. The tar and nicotine in a cigarette does not just turn the teeth an unattractive yellow shade, it also tends to eat away the gums. Smoking also creates a suitable environment for plaque and bacteria on the teeth and gum line. This harms tissue, degenerates bones and increases the chances for tooth loss.

Use a good toothbrush:

Always choose a brush with soft bristles. With the correct technique, your brush can last for more than three months. Also, during the holidays, you may have to brush a little more than usual so make sure you replace it when it gets blunted so that no injury is caused to the gums and teeth.

Finesse flossing:

Flossing promotes healthier gums and teeth. But like brushing, there's a correct way to floss because flaws in flossing can lead to damage and friction of the gum line. Take approximately a foot of floss and wrap it around your finger. Keep about an inch in between your fingers. Roll out a fresh floss section for every tooth, and keep the floss against the projection to break the plaque up while leaving the gums in shape.

Teeth whitening:

If you want to get a quick bright smile then there is nothing like teeth whitening. Either use a good at home kit or get the treatment done by a professional. There are several clinics in California that deal specifically with cosmetic dentistry.
You probably know that you should brush your teeth twice a day, but you most likely don't give much thought to it. It is important to make sure you are regular with certain tasks such as brushing, flossing and washing your mouth with Listerine. A healthy smile should always be on top of your wish list. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day and scheduling an appointment to see your dentist bi-annually is sure to keep your teeth and mouth in good shape.

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