Friday, 28 June 2013

Dental Care FAQs - What People Commonly Want to Know

Here is a list of some commonly asked questions related to dental care and health:

Is it important to go to a dentist biannually?
The need to go to a dentist mainly depends upon your oral health. After analyzing factors such as, how well you take care of the gums and teeth, how quickly tartar builds up on your teeth, and the kind of dental problems you face, the dentist will suggest you the duration. Normally, patients are asked to visit in every six months. 

Apart from depending on the dentist, ask the following questions to yourself:
  • Do I floss daily?
  • Do I brush regularly?
  • Is my diet well balanced?
  • Do I develop cavities easily?
  • Do I smoke?
By answering these questions, you can better decide how often you require visiting your dentist for dental exams. It's important to note that you should not base your visits on what the dental plan covers.

When should children be taken to a dentist?
It is very important to start early, so that the child can learn about good oral habits and the need to visit a dentist regularly. The first step, however, is to choose the right dentist.

Always look for a pediatric dentist, a professional specializing in child care. Once the dentist has been chosen, call the dental office and take an appointment. It is also important to make the appointment a positive experience for the child.

You must also make sure that the first visit is within few months of the outbreak of the first tooth. In case you feel nervous about taking the child, ask your spouse or a family member to do the needful. Also, start cleaning the child's teeth and mouth with a soft toothbrush once he/she develops the first tooth. Avoid giving sugary treats and focus on healthy foods from the beginning.

What exactly is the difference between at-home bleaching and getting the teeth bleached by a dentist?
Bleaching can be carried out in a dental office or at home. However, dentists use products that have stronger bleaching power. These experts are also trained to treat any side effects that patients may experience during bleaching. Additionally, in case a tray is needed to apply the "bleach", experts supply custom-made trays to ensure successful application. 

However, patients must be aware that the regular use of bleaching or whitening products can cause tooth abrasion and sensitivity. It is good to consult with a dentist before using a bleaching or whitening product.

Do I need x-rays at every visit?
Your oral health determines whether you’ll require x-rays or not. If you’re healthy and do not have any cavities or other dental issues, you won’t need x-rays at every visit. In case your dental health is less stable and the dentist is examining your progress, you will need x-rays more frequently.

Remember, dental x-rays are important for a dentist to ensure that small problems are detected on time and treatment starts immediately.

How do I find a new dentist, and how should I transfer the records?
The first step towards choosing a dentist is to list your requirements, which include:
  • Location of the clinic
  • Practicing hours
  • Specialist or generalist practice
Ask your friends and family members if they can suggest a dentist. Apart from this, your physician may also be able to suggest someone. Some dental associations also have web sites that help you to search for an expert in your area.

Yellow Pages may also help in finding the right clinic. The directory lists thousands of dental experts with location, and other details.

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